Order A Sample

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Sample Policy

  • Samples are small representations of the flooring and are intended to demonstrate the texture, appearance, and platform specifications.
  • Flooring samples will not fully account for the varying elements that make hardwood flooring unique, such as natural character, darker and lighter color variances, and natural grain patterns. Samples will give a general representation of what the floor will be, but not an exact picture.
  • Samples are reserved for potential clients only. We require customer contact before shipping out samples.
    - A sales representative will contact you to discuss your project goals, at which time they will discuss arranging samples to be prepared for you.
  • Samples are subject to availability. There is no definitive timeline to when a sample will be ready.
    - Sample order timelines are determined on an individual basis centered around the customer's project goals.
  • Sample sizing will be discussed directly with your sales representative. Sample sizing and quantity are relative to the intended size of the project.