Drift Prefinished Hardwood Flooring : Standard Specifications

  • Standard Platform: Engineered White Oak, Lengths from 2′-8′.
  • Standard Finishing : Oxidative Hardwax Oil Top Coat.
  • Standard Beveling : Microbevelled Side Edges, Straight Edge Ends.
  • Standard Distressing : Medium Wire Brushing
  • Standard Character Grading : Light Rustic (Middle Balance of Character)
  • Standard Unit of Measurement : Per Square Foot


Drift Prefinished Hardwood Flooring : The Elemental Collection

Drift is apart of our Elemental prefinished flooring collection, is a beautiful articulation of hardwood using oxidative hardwax oils as the means of expression. Created with the philosophy that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Drift was the product of experimenting with color finishing to produce the best looking hardwood flooring in the least amount of steps possible. Our expert finishers have worked through trial and error to perfect Drift in an attempt to make this as simple and effective of a finish possible
Drift is a beautifully sturdy hardwood floor that has many advantages over the competition. First, there is no other flooring option on the market that can compare to a white oak hardwood floor. The feel of these floors cannot be matched by cheap imitation products such as vinyl or laminate flooring and carpet is a poor competitor against a genuine hardwood floor. The unique character that sprawls throughout the floor is visually eye catching. The expression of colors through both dark and light variances of the hardwood gives the floor its own personality and depth of range. Quite simply, a white oak hardwood floor with a colored oil finish is unrivaled in the flooring department save for the most expensive luxury flooring options such as marble.
A great advantage of an oiled hardwood floor is the huge return of investment for the product. With proper maintenance, these floors can last upwards of fifteen to twenty years before needing to be refinished! All it takes is a sanding down of the wear layer back to the unfinished raw layer before a replacement finish can be applied, and just like that you can have a beautiful hardwood floor for another fifteen to twenty years! This process can take place roughly four to five times over the lifetime of the product, meaning that your investment today can still be apart of your family for the next one hundred years! You certainly cannot do that with other flooring options!
Compared to other hardwood finishes, oxidative hardwax oil has a few key advantages that makes this product far superior for homeowners. The first is the use of maintenance oil to rejuvenate the finish. Unlike urethane finishes, which are essentially a plastic top-coat applied over the hardwood, oil finishes bond directly to the hardwood and become one stable product. When oiled floors start to appear worn from usage, a rejuvenating maintenance oil can be applied that will reinforce the protective seal and add moisture to the dried layers. Applying this additional oil will keep the appearance of the floor looking healthy and fresh unlike the competition which has no viable option such as this.
Furthermore, if certain boards of the floor have been damaged or if the finish has worn down in specific areas there is the ability to treat them and return them to the floor without having to refinish the entire floor. Unlike urethane finishes, an oiled floor is much easier to repair as it only requires a small amount of color stain and hardwax oil to have the floor looking the way it should.
In conclusion, there are many advantages to owning an oiled hardwood floor. We recommend that these products only be purchased for use in residential or light commercial applications, as they do require more care than their urethane counterparts. What they sacrifice in sheer durability they regain in beauty, lifespan, feasibility of repairs, and quality of appearance. Purchase Drift today and take home this spectacular hardwood floor!


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Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 7 × 4 in
Prefinished Thickness

3/4", 5/8"

Prefinished Width

7", 8 5/8"