Earth Prefinished Hardwood Flooring : Standard Specifications

  • Standard Dimensions : Engineered White Oak, Lengths from 2′-8′.
  • Standard Finishing : Oxidative Hardwax Oil Top Coat.
  • Standard Beveling : Microbevelled Side Edges, Straight Edge Ends.
  • Standard Distressing : Medium Wire Brushing.
  • Standard Character Grading : Light Rustic (Middle Balance of Character).
  • Standard Unit of Measurement : Per Square Foot.




Earth Prefinished Hardwood Flooring : French Oak Collection

Earth is a classically beautiful hardwood flooring product that was created to demonstrate the mastery of our finishing capabilities here at Bulldog Coatings LLC. French Oak is by far one of the most superior species of wood available for hardwood flooring. Our french connections have helped us to secure access to lumber sourced from the old growth forests in France where trees grow upwards of fifty to one hundred years old before harvesting. All of this growth time develops the most intricate and elaborate displays of natural hardwood, from the rich character knots and defects to the plentiful tannens in the wood that provides so much life in the floor. Earth is a masterpiece finish created to highlight these amazing qualities of this truly special rendition of white oak.

At Bulldog Coatings LLC, our motto is Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. We epitomized this philosophy in our creation of Dust as a finish for genuine french oak flooring. Earth is created using some of the most sought after finishing techniques and expertise, including reactive wood finishing stains and premier oxidative hardwax oil finishes. As a natural oil finish, this product has a drastically higher lifespan than that of other competitive products such as urethane hardwood finishes. When finished with hardwax oil, the underlying wood becomes bonded to the coating forming one complete product that is sealed and protected from external damage. The greatest advantage of owning an oil finished floor is the ability to rejuvenate the floor periodically to drastically improve the appearance and protection of the floor.

As a luxury product, there is no comparison in the contemporary flooring market that matches the exquisite nature of finished french oak. Never will a cheap imitation wood floor, laminate floor, or vinyl floor ever compare with the sheer magnificence of a finished french oak hardwood floor. No import product or domestically sourced platform can compare to the quality of French Oak, specifically because of the sourcing of the product. The old growth French forests are the ideal growing conditions for oak species: the soil is rich in nutrients, the climate is stable year-round, the trees are not subject to sub-zero freezing conditions, and french oak is a protected natural resource limited in its harvesting capabilities. In conclusion, there is simply no better platform available for masterwork finishing than this species of oak.

We strongly recommend that this flooring option only be purchased for residential and light commercial application, as the hardwood looks its best when kept in an environment with constant temperature and humidity levels. This product is meant to impress and be enjoyed for many, many years and makes an excellent statement in gathering areas and offices. With proper care, your floor can look just as great as the day you bought it decades down the road. This is truly an investment in a trusted quality product.

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Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 98 × 7 × 4 in
Prefinished Thickness

3/4", 5/8"

Prefinished Width

7", 8 5/8"