Vesting Hydrostain


Vesting Hydrostain

Introducing Vesting Hydrostain, an award winning blend of water-based color finish stains designed for maximum accessibility and superior color visibility. Hydrostain is an amazing product because it is simple to use and effective for its purpose. Hydrostain is intended to be applied to raw wood to stain the wood with a certain color finish. After a quick dry time, stained wood is ready for finishing with a protective top-coat. The value of Vesting Hydrostain is its consistency in color, its ease of use, and its ability to be applied quickly on an industrial level. Order some Vesting Hydrostain today! You will not be disappointed!

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Product Information:

Vesting Hydrostain is a water-based finishing stain available in a variety of colors. This product is intended to be applied to raw wood in order to color the wood before applying a protective top coat. Hydrostain is useful for its easy application and quick dry-times, and is fantastic for creating unique finish colors. Vesting Hydrostain applies a consistent color that does not overwhelm the natural character of wood. This product is recommended for hardwood flooring finishers with access to spray equipment. Vesting Hydrostain is a safe and non-toxic blend of water-based solvents mixed with water.

Application & Dry Time:
Vesting Hydrostain is best applied with spray-guns for the best results. Spray the hydrostain consistently over the wood and allow up to an hour for the wood to dry. Typical dry-times range from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the temperature and airflow of the environment. The higher the temperature and the more airflow provided, the quicker the hydrostrain will dry.

Recommended Use:
Vesting Hydrostain is recommended for use in an finishing shop as opposed to in the field. Application occurs best when using a spray-gun as opposed to applying with a pad or a cloth. Hydrostain is non-toxic, but it is recommended to use protective masks when spraying hydrostain. Hydrostain wipes off easily if spilled and evaporates similar to water.

Water Pop, or the rough feel of the dried hydrostain sitting on-top of the wood, is a common feature of applying hydrostain. Either smoothly sand the roughness out by hand or use a wire-brush machine with a denibbing brush to smooth it out. Applying a top-coat over a water-popped floor will result in an uneven texture.

This product is not recommended for homeowners. This product is recommended for professional wood finishers and wood finishing hobbyists.

Benefits of Hydrostain:

  • Consistently Appealing Colors: Hydrostain colors are consistent and express themselves beautifully on all hardwood species.
  • Wide Range of Colors: There are twenty unique color variations of this product, giving you plenty of options to choose from.
  • Safe To Use: Hydrostain is non-toxic and provides excellent results without the dangers of other stain finishes.
  • Easy Application: Spray the stain on and watch it work. Its that easy to have great looking wood products!
  • Reputation of Excellence: Vesting has been developing hydrostain since its beginning and has perfected the techniques to create a consistent finishing product.

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Additional information

Hydrostain Colors

Ash Grey – W78355, Beige – W78324, Black – 9005, Colonial Brown – W78358, Dark Brown – BBD, Dark Grey – 70500-2, Golden Brown – W78357, Light Brown – BBL, Medium Grey – 70050-5, Middle Brown – BBM, Saddle Brown – W78354, Smoked – MBW 947, Stone Grey – W78353, Stone Grey Light – W78356, Tan – MBW 710, Vintage Grey – MBW 969, White – 9003

Hydrostain Sizes

20 Liter, 5 Liter