Vesting Ultraviolet Oil – 6000 Series


Vesting Ultraviolet Oil – 6000 Series

Introducing the highly acclaimed Vesting Ultraviolet Oil – 6000 series, an award winning combination of durable protection and beautiful color representation created for finishing on all wood species. This collection of twenty color finishes are usable for the treatment of unfinished wood products, such as furniture, flooring, and other wood projects. With an excellent reputation within the professional wood finishing community, you can trust this Vesting product for all of your wood finishing projects. Ultraviolet Oil is recommended for professional use only in an industrial wood finishing setting.

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Product Information:

Vesting Ultraviolet Oil - 6000 Series is a collection of high-quality finishing product for the treatment of wooden surfaces. Ultraviolet Oil contains reactive chemicals which act as a catalyst for the curing process of this product. When Ultraviolet Oil comes in contact with concentrated ultraviolet rays the oil is instantly cured to the wood and provides a solid, sturdy protective top-coat. Ultraviolet Oils can only be cured using concentrated ultraviolet rays and will not properly cure without them. Due to the nature of this product, we only recommend this product series for hardwood finishing professionals.

Application & Dry Time:
Ultraviolet Oil is best utilized with industrial finishing machines with high capacity ultraviolet lights. Ultraviolet ovens will ensure proper curing of the product and will prevent potential problems from occurring. Ultraviolet application by hand is also possible with proper UV equipment, such as UV hand-wands. Dry time is almost instant once the concentrated ultraviolet lights are shone on the oil. Darker colors with heavier pigments typically require additional time or stronger application of UV light to ensure a full cure.

We recommend Vesting Wax & Clean for daily maintenance of finished products. Dry mopping finished products is another viable option for cleaning. For renovation, consult a professional with the proper ultraviolet curing equipment and who is trained in the application of ultraviolet products. Vesting Intense Cleaner should be used sparingly and only for tough stains that will not come out during regular cleaning. Ultraviolet finished products are typically sturdier than other oil finished products as they contain a certain element of plastic in their chemical makeup.

Ultraviolet Oil is recommended for indoor application only. Water does the most damage to this finish product, and excess moisture should be cleaned up whenever possible to prevent issues from occurring. This product works well with all wood species, with different results varying based on the wood species. This product will only produce a protective seal over unfinished wood, and is not guaranteed to protect other prefinished wood products if applied over another wood finish. This product works well for residential and light commercial applications.

Benefits of Ultraviolet Oil:

  • Instant Curing Process: This product is sealed with concentrated ultraviolet rays which instantly bonds the oil to the unfinished wood surface. For industrial application, this instant dry time will drastically reduce waiting time and will increase large scale production of flooring.
  • Wide Range of Colors: There are twenty unique color variations of this product, giving you plenty of options to choose from.
  • Strong Protective Seal: Ultraviolet Oil provides a tough seal that wicks away moisture and prevents debris from scratching the face of the wood. Ultraviolet Oil is combination of natural oil and urethane finish which offers excellent protection.
  • Easy Reapplication: The protective seal created by the natural oils of this product can be rejuvenated over the years to maintain the protection of the product as well as to keep the appearance of the finished wood looking fresh. Oil finishes can have additional layers of protection added to them in the form of Vesting Wax & Clean or Vesting Maintenance Oil.
  • Reputation of Excellence: As one of the original pioneers of ultraviolet oil finishing, Vesting has perfected the nuisances of this product to present a trustworthy and reliable formula that seals instantly when exposed to ultraviolet rays. As an award-winning finishing brand, Vesting has spared no expense in creating a product that is guaranteed to work every single time.

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Vesting Colors

Black, Blue-Grey, Cherry, Chocolate, Clay, Creamy White, Dark Grey, English Color, Grey, Light Grey, Mahogany, Natural White, Old Grey, Pure, Sand, Sepia Brown, Smoked, Soft Grey, Super White, White

Vesting Oil Sizes

5 Liter Can