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Vesting Vestol Aqua Protect – Invisible Matte Finish

Introducing Vesting Vestol Aqua Protect, an invisible matte finishing product created for producing an unfinished look on hardwood. Aqua Protect provides the same durable protection as other Vesting products, such as Vesting Hard Wax Oil 3000 Series, without the included color pigments. Finishing wood with this product will create a natural appearance. This product works well with all hardwood species including White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, and Hickory and Pecan. This product is intended for interior use only, and does not weather well when used for exterior finishing. For best results, keep finished products in a climate controlled environment with consistent temperature and humidity levels. We recommend this product for wood finishing professionals, as poor application can result in streaking and an unbalanced finish. Invisible Matte works best with light colored wood species, such as White Oak, and Invisible Matte PP works best with dark colored wood species, such as Walnut. For any questions, please contact us via email or phone-call.

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Product Information:

Vesting introduces Vestol Aqua Protect, an invisible finish protect that protects wood with a natural appearance finish. This product is highly recommended for use displaying natural hardwood products, and excels in providing durable protection for all wood species. Vestol Aqua Protect is intended for interior use only, and is not recommended for exterior usage.

Application & Dry Time:
This product can be applied with an application pad for a bench finish or used in an industrial setting with roll-coating machines. Dry time varies between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. This is an oxidative finish and requires open air racking in order to properly cure.

We recommend Vesting Wax & Clean for daily maintenance of finished products. Dry mopping and sweeping are recommended for the majority of cleaning. Do not use abrasive or heavy chemical cleaners, as they can damage the protective layers of finish.

This product is recommended for professional use, as proper application requires finishing knowledge and experience. This product is not intended for exterior application. Invisible PP is recommended for darker wood species.

Benefits of Vestol Aqua Protect:

  • Easy Application: This product can be applied by hand in a bench finish or applied by machine.
  • Oxidative Curing Process: This product is sealed through oxidation by capturing the oxygen available in the open air.
  • Invisible Finish: This product is intended to provide an unfinished look. Wood will appear natural and unfinished.
  • Strong Protective Seal: Vestol Aqua Protect provides a tough seal that wicks away moisture and prevents debris from scratching the face of the wood.
  • Reputation of Excellence: Vesting has a reputation for creating outstanding finishing products that provide durable coverage and stability.



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