We Are The Official Vesting Retailer for North America

Welcome to Bulldog Coatings LLC, the official retailer of Vesting finishing products for North America.

Bulldog Coatings LLC is a professional hardwood finishing company with years of combined experience developing exquisite color finishes using Vesting products.

Our experience with Vesting as a finishing brand has been nothing short of excellent as Vesting products wear well, have great visibility, and make our job as finishers much easier.

We highly recommend Vesting products for professional hardwood finishers and hobbyist hardwood finishers alike.

Hydrostains & Reactive Stains

Vesting Hydrostains come in an assortment of different color ranges, and can be mixed to create new and unique colors on all wood species.

Hydrostains can be applied via spray-guns, spray machines, hand-pads, and other hand-applicators. Once dry, the color will remain the same until finished.

For the more advanced finishers, Vesting Reactive Stains are an excellent option for creating more complex color finishes.

Reactive Stains will change over time with oxidation and can be used to add depth and complexity to wood finishes.

Both of these product lines can be cut with water to lessen the intensity of the color and can be mixed with other water-based stains to change colors.

Oxidative Oils

Vesting’s signature product line is the 3000 Waxoile Series of Oxidative Oil finishes. These products will seal finishes and offer durable protection for wood products.

As an oxidative oil product, these finishes only require open air to fully cure making them an all-purpose wood finishing product for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Vesting Waxoile comes in a variety of different colors ranging from white to black and everything in between, including a clear color finish for maximum clarity.

Oxidative Oil bonds to wood directly to provide a tough exterior protective layer on wood surfaces.

Ultraviolet & LED Oils

For professional hardwood finishers and industrial finishing shops, Vesting offers Ultraviolet and LED curable oil products that seal instantly when exposed to concentrated rays.

These products require their respective spectrum of light in order to properly cure and will not cure without exposure to their correct lighting.

Both product lines come in a similar variety of colors ranging from white to black along with with a clear variation.

Ultraviolet Oil (UV) requires concentrated ultraviolet rays produced by either UV ovens or UV hand-ovens. Results will vary due to the intensity of lighting conditions.

Maintenance Products

Vesting offers a full line of cleaning and maintenance products designed to increase the longevity and appearance of your hardwood floor.

Products such as Wax & Clean will add protective layers to existing flooring in order to strengthen and protect your investment.

Vesting maintenance products can be used on an assortment of different flooring options including products that were not created using Vesting finishing products.

We highly recommend purchasing Vesting maintenance products for each Vesting finished floor for the best results.

Purchase Vesting Products Here Today

Check out our online store today to see what we have in stock and to place your product order. We accept all major cardholders and deliver throughout the United States.

All products are shipped directly from the manufacturer in Holland. Special orders can be placed for products not available in stock.


Thank you for choosing Vesting and supporting us at Bulldog Coatings LLC.

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